IMG_4961Field Trip Fridays!

Looking for Field Trip opportunities for homeschool, private school, and public school?  FUNgineering offers Field Trip on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for all grade levels during the regular school year (September through May).  Field trips are tailored to your group size and desired activities.  Field trip activities can include Creative Engineering with LEGOs, Robotics Demonstrations, Programming, and Minecraft.

Field Trip Activities (customizable to your requirements – choose multiple activities and cycle between classrooms)

  • Creative Engineering: Using LEGO® education sets, kids work together and with instructors to learn how to build basic machines. Alongside building windmills, Ferris wheels, cars, pneumatic machines and programming sound and motion for alligators and lions, they also experiment with physics by racing their own cars.
  • Science of Minecraft: We take the physics, programming, and world science of the sandbox game Minecraft to teach kids the concepts behind electrical engineering, basic physics, earth science and interactive group planning. As well, kids gain a familiarity with computer literacy and collaborative building. Player-versus-Player is prohibited during field trip activities.
  • Robotics: From basic collision detection to walking, students are shown the basics of construction and programming of LEGO® Mindstorms EV3 robotics.  Field trips are designed to be primarily demonstration based, with opportunities for student interaction.
  • Learning to Program: Using software developed by MIT (Scratch), we teach the structure and functions behind any programming language using games and animation.

IMG_4962Field Trip Class Sizes:

    • The Creative Engineering classroom can seat up to 16 children at one time.
    • The Science of Minecraft classroom can seat up to 20 children at one time.
    • The Programming classroom can seat up to 20 children at one time.
    • The Robotics classroom can seat up to 20 children at one time.  


  • Larger groups can be split into smaller groups and rotate between classroom activities.

Field Trip Pricing (per student):

  • 1 1/2 hour field trip = $9/child
  • 3 hour field trip = $18/child

Field Trips require a minimum of 12 children attending.  Children under the age of 5 require parent parent/guardian/responsible party supervision at all times.  A liability release form must be completed for each individual child in attendance.  Note to Homeschool Groups… Stroller space is limited, so please plan accordingly.  There is no charge for chaperones.

To reserve a field trip, please call us at 979-704-6124, or email to schedule your date and time.  After a date / time has been determined, FUNgineering will create a slot on our calendar below for you to officially sign up.  Please note, the calendar will not show any open times until we have had a chance to speak with you and set up the event.