IMG_4971FUNgineering is excited to announce our Summer 2017 Camps are now open for registration. These Camps will feature our popular Creative Engineering, Science of Minecraft, Fun with Robotics, and Programming in Scratch/Minecraft/Roblox, Stop Motion Animation, and Electronics / 3D Printing camps. Returning families can enroll through our Registration Portal, or scroll down this page. New families should scroll down this page to register for camps. Please send a lunch and drink with your child if they are attending full-day class. You can also send a water bottle and snack for them if they get hungry early or late, including part-day classes (some younger children get hungry during the three hour class, particularly when they see other kids having a snack). If something needs to be refrigerated, please let us know and we can store it in our refrigerator. PLEASE LABEL ALL LUNCHBOXES/BAGS. IMPORTANT: If you need early drop-off or late pick-up during the week, please register for them early so that we have the correct staff in place for those days.


All camps are offered on a daily basis, and are $35 per day for part-day camp or $70 per day for full-day camp. Sign up for one day of part day camp, the whole week of full day camp, or anything in between. You can also mix and match different classes throughout the week. A multi-child discount of 5% will be applied to families with children attending camps during the same week. 7:45am Early Drop-off ($10/day) and 5:30pm Late Pickup ($10/day) are also available.


We are offering all of our classes each week. However, to better fit our families’ busy schedules, we are alternating the times (morning vs. afternoon) of many of our camps each week.

Pre-payment for camps is not required. Your credit card will be charged the week of camp. Please be sure to update your billing information if your card information changes between the time you register and the week of camp.

Summer 2017 Camp Schedule — Click on the camp to jump to the quick registration list of classes and times for that week.


Odd Weeks Even Weeks
Morning Camps Morning Camps
Science of Minecraft Programming Mods in Minecraft
Creative Engineering Creative Engineering
Fun with Robotics Fun with Robotics
Stop Motion Animation Electronics / 3D Printing
Programming in Roblox Programming in Scratch
Afternoon Camps Afternoon Camps
Programming Mods in Minecraft Science of Minecraft
Creative Engineering Creative Engineering
Fun with Robotics Fun with Robotics
Electronics / 3D Printing Stop Motion Animation
Programming in Scratch Programming in Roblox

IMG_4978About our classes

  • Creative Engineering: The best class for young engineers! Using LEGO® education sets, kids work together and with instructors to learn how to build basic machines. Alongside building windmills, ferris wheels, cars, pneumatic machines and programming sound and motion for alligators and lions, they also experiment with physics by racing their own cars. (Recommended ages: 5-8)
  • Science of Minecraft: We take the physics, programming, and world science of the sandbox game Minecraft to teach kids the concepts behind electrical engineering, basic physics, earth science and interactive group planning. As well, kids gain a familiarity with computer literacy. Player-versus-Player is prohibited during classes. (Recommended ages: 7+)
  • Fun with Robotics: From basic collision detection to walking, students work together to both program and construct their own robots. Classes are designed to instruct beginners in basic robotics and work upward toward competitive robotics building. (Recommended ages: 8+)
  • Stop Motion Animation: Create your own movie using Stop Motion Animation and LEGOs. Students learn to create their stories using story boards and then bring those stories to life using LEGOs and Stop Motion Animation. (Recommended ages: 6+)
  • Programming in Scratch: Students will use software developed by MIT (Scratch), where they will learn the basic structure and functions behind any programming language using games and animation. (Recommended ages: 7+)
  • Programming Mods in Minecraft: Students will use the LearnToMod software package to design and program their own Mods in Minecraft. This is not our standard Science of Minecraft class. It is primarily focused on programming/coding and may be very challenging for younger students. (Recommended ages: 7+)
  • Roblox Programming: Do your kids love Roblox? Now you can foster that love of Roblox and turn it into a computer science learning experience. Students will learn how to write their own Roblox games that they can then share with their friends. (Recommended ages: 7+)
  • Electronics / 3D Printing: This summer we are combining our Electronics and 3D Printing class. In this course, students will learn the fundamental principles necessary to unlock the potential of electronic circuits through hands-on projects. The course environment will help students overcome the barriers that traditionally prevent them from experimenting with circuit design. By successfully solving challenging problems using electronic circuits, students will overcome the intimidation often associated with this subject, and will soon be bringing their own inventions to life using the power of electricity! Additionally, kids explore 3-D modeling and interfaces and learn about the process of 3-D printing. After learning different building tools and troubleshooting their models, students get to print an object of their own design! (Recommended ages: 8+)

Summer 2017 Camp Quick Registration

Week 0: Friday, May 26

Week 1: May 29 – June 2

Week 2: June 5 – 9

Week 3: June 12 – 16

Week 4: June 19 – 23

Week 5: June 26 – 30

Week 6: July 5 – 7

Week 7: July 10 – 14

Week 8: July 17 – 21

Week 9: July 24 – 28

Week 10: July 31 – August 4

Week 11: August 7 – 11

Week 12: August 14 – 18

Week 13: August 21 – 25